Few Tips To Repair Hydraulic Cylinders To Keep Them Working Properly

The extent of the repair work can be done at home depend on the extent of damage to the cylinder. Check cylinder components regularly to look for damage and ensure the proper working of the cylinder. In case you require new components for the hydraulic cylinder you can visit https://www.athydraulics.com.au/hydraulic-cylinders.html.

Here are some tips that can help improve the hydraulic cylinder.

Disassembly and inspection

Generally, the need for improvement is realized when there is a leaking cylinder internal or external. A thorough inspection of cylindrical parts, especially seals, after the demolition can help identify problems that might not be apparent otherwise.

Piston seals

If the piston seal is eroded, distorted, or missing, the barrel may be oversized. When such is the case, there is a need to replace the barrel or cylinder complete. Just replace the piston, without replacing the barrel is a short-term solution that requires a complete treatment at the earliest.

Rod seals

If the rod seal is damaged, it is as good a guide bush worn or bent a rod. In both cases, the weight rod fell on seals, causing the failure. It is advisable to identify the cause of the problem before it starts to work to improve long-term improvement.


When the cylinder is used in lightweight applications, the stem is usually supported on the head material, which is generally cast iron or aluminum alloy. A metallic or non-metallic guide bush fitted between the head and trunk, in applications with high loads on the stem. If the cylinder is equipped with a bush between the head and trunk, be sure to replace it as part of the improvement.

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