An Overview Of Slate Tiles

Unique, exotic stones are often referred to as an alternative to the usual rebellious, attractive granite standards of stone, because of the same strength and resistance to weathering. You can get more information about slate roof via


Slate is a natural stone mined from quarries and mountains around the world. This material, when removed, it looks like the stones large enough stone. The finished stones into a square shape and then cut into a size and shape that can be easily used.

Exterior Slate Tiles

Some types of slate are useful for projects outside the room, while others do not. The chemical structure of the tiles is the main characteristic that defines how useful the tiles will be outdoors. Red slate, for example, is not durable when used outdoors.

The reason for this is that the red hue is often the result of iron oxide that has formed on the surface of the stone. Iron oxide is the same compound that creates rust and responds tiles into iron oxide in much the same way that the metal responds to rust. It tends to collapse after prolonged exposure to rain and snow.

Practical Features

Slate is usually used for the construction of floors and countertops. It can, however, be used for almost any home project, including backsplashes or fireplace surrounds.

This material is also used in the home decorating project group that engineered and created by Pebble Art. It is often used in bathroom remodeling because it is resistant to slipping and the ability to hide dirt.

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