Difference between Organic and Non-organic Foods


Organic and non-organic foods are probably the 2 most preferred choices when it comes to eating. The difference between 2 depends on the technique and the fertilizers used. For instance – organic foods are foods produced by using manure acting as a source of natural compound, while non-organic foods are those foods produced by depending on chemicals. These are a few differences between an organic and non-organic food.

  1. Organic Food –Manure and compost are the 2 of the naturally available resources that supports organic farming to produce organic food.Organic food requiresweeds that can be controlled by techniques such as crop rotation, mulching, tilling and hand weeding. Moreover, during the production of organic foods, the pests are removing in a more natural form of techniques such as using birds, traps and insects.
  2. Non-organic Food –Foods that are produced with the help of chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc. are called non-organic food. Since chemicals are used to produce the food, the weeds also require the use of chemical herbicides. In order to get rid of the pests, synthetic pesticides are used on a large scale.

In Conclusion – Between the 2, organic foods seem to have an upper-hand over the other. For instance; organic farming allows the environment to be in good shape by using less energy, conserve more water, produce less pollution and less waste. And since, natural compounds such as manure is used to produce the food, the animals too are allowed to roam freely without injecting any source of hormones.

Due to these advantages, you should try to buy more organic foods in Brisbane and other parts of Australia.

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